Glycoprotein Characterization

It is estimated that approximately 50% of all human proteins are glycosylated, and this is reflected in FDA-approved protein therapeutics, of which over 50% are glycoproteins.  Protein glycosylation is a heterogeneous post-translational modification that increases the difficulty of working with glycoproteins and makes them challenging to characterize.  Nevertheless, protein glycosylation can alter the physical properties, in vivo half-lives, and biological activity of protein therapeutics, and the FDA requires characterization of protein glycosylation as part of the drug approval process.  The Tolbert laboratory has experience in glycoprotein synthesis and characterization, and offers glycoprotein characterization services through the MVSC.

Services include:

  • Oligosaccharide mapping
  • Monosaccharide analysis
  • Molecular weight determination of glycans and glycopeptides
  • LC/MS characterization of glycoproteins and chemically modified proteins
  • Characterization of monoclonal antibodies

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