Lyophilized Formulations

Solid state (lyophilized) formulation is a common approach used to stabilize biopharmaceuticals by minimizing degradative reactions, reducing agitation during transportation, and reducing the effects of temperature fluctuation during storage.

At MVSC, we optimize lyophilization cycles and screen excipients (lyo/cryo/osmo-protectants) to develop stable solid formulations of biopharmaceuticals, including proteins/antibodies, viruses, virus-like particles and bacteria. Equipped with an FTS Lyostar II with in-run sampling capability, we are able to monitor each step of a cycle (freezing, primary drying and secondary drying), and therefore facilitate the development of optimal solid formulations.

The development of stable lyophilized formulations for biopharmaceuticals at MVSC is also supported by the expertise and instrumentation for biophysical, chemical and particle characterization.


  • FTS Lyostar II
  • KF Titrator